Mentoring young Minds through Chess.

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Mind Mentorz arrives as one of the best chess coaching classes in Bangalore. With one of the best chess instructors on board, Mind Mentorz is one of the best places to learn chess in Bangalore. Through chess classes and lessons, we help your kids learn the most essential life skills such as communication, strategic planning, lateral thinking, problem solving, critical thinking and more. And the best part is the transformation within your kid is evident in a few weeks.

Apart from being an ideal chess coaching centre in Bangalore, Mind Mentorz is also the perfect afterschool centre. Besides chess, we offer coding classes for your kids, robotics lessons, Rubik's Cube and more for a holistic personality development of your kid. Enrol your kid today and see them develop cognitive skills like never before.

Our After School Programs in Bangalore:

Much more than just a skill.


Mind Mentorz goes beyond just learning a skill – it's an investment to your child's full potential. More than the learning outcomes of Chess, Coding, & Rubik's, we teach life lessons through these programs. Our students have gone as far as to become tournament champions, as well as a passion filled individuals that have transferred these learned skills into other areas in their everyday lives to help them reach their personal goals!



Scholastic Chess

Beginner to advanced

FIDE Rated Chess Instructors that have 5+ years coaching experience with children. Chess helps you to improve your cognitive thinking skills and apply the learned skills in your every day activities. We've have created courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players with a comprehensive study plan over 40 weeks! Enroll here if you're interested to learn chess the right way!


Rubik's Cube


At Mind Mentorz, we train kids from ages 6+ starting with the 3x3 Rubik's Cube variant. We help children learn how to break down the complexity and conquer the problem solving process through Rubix Cube and continue to do it under timed conditions. We’d like to help them learn the lesson that perfection takes effort, focus, & above all, patience! Enroll here to start cubing.

coding classes in bangalore

Scratch Coding

Visual programming for kids

Coding that's child's play. Inveno is a complete learning experience for kids to learn how to code, through its unique, child-friendly, coding platform and a certified network of highly educated, home teachers.
Enroll here if you're interested to learn code. The curriculum for inveno is a structured study plan that allows a child to progress from the basics to a more advanced level.

Robotics classes in bangalore


lego mindstorms ev3 & Edison

Sometimes, you just can’t get the right exposure for your kid when it comes to Robotics. This could be because of lack of availability of required devices, your experience and expertise in Robotics or just lack of time. That’s why Mind Mentorz Robotics Programs are best to introduce STEM concepts to your kids. Our Robotics courses are around LEGO MindStorms EV3, Dash & Dot and Edison Robot.

Mind Mentorz and Chesskids

Chesskid.com is the world’s #1 Chess site for kids! The website has learning tools to keep kids motivated to learn and improve their Chess skills. At Mind Mentorz, we assign kids with a Chesskid account!

Chesskid comes with a variety of curriculum benefits that help a child to learn chess the scholastic way and always track his/her progress overtime. With Chesskid, you get unlimited access to:

  • Video Lessons
  • Unlimited Puzzles
  • Online Gameplay
  • Tournaments & More!

Mentoring children with life skills.


At Mind Mentorz, we help children succeed through our programs. We are here to unlock the potential of every child and ger them towards a brighter future. Since inception, we've trained over innumerable number of kids in our programs creating passionate youngsters who have taken their learned skill, all the way to the tournament level!