Welcome to Mind Mentorz!


Mind Mentorz was born out of Passion for Chess that has been developed as a program to provide Cognitive Thinking Skills to Children from 5 yrs.  As Add-on programs we teach Robotics, Coding and Cube Solving. For us, it’s gratifying to hear from parents how their children have stepped up at school and home, since joining Mind Mentorz.  

Located at Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore, the mentors come with over 5 + years of teaching experience with children of all ages and have immense knowledge in the subjects that they deal with. Whether you're looking for Chess Coaching in Bangalore, the algorithm's & tricks to solve the Rubik's Cube, or an introduction to Visual Programming or Robotics - you've come to the right place!


At Mind Mentorz, we are a young enthusiastic team willing to bring out the best in your kids development through chess, computer coding, robotics and rubik's cubing. 

Meet the Mentorz!

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Praveen Sagar
FIDE Rated Chess Coach

With over 5 years of coaching experience, Praveen Sagar is a FIDE Rated Chess Coach from Bangalore, that helps children succeed in chess and transition from a Beginner to Advanced player. Praveen has successfully mentored over 500+ kids with Chess and helped them broaden their understanding of the game. More than just a mere skill, Praveen often uses chess as a facilitator to explain valuable life lessons that can be taught by Chess. He uses crisp examples that help his students to relate many life lessons to what they learn on the chessboard. Praveen Sagar is also  an active chess player and regularly plays on chess.com His Chess Blitz, Rapid, & Bullet Ratings on chess.com are over 2000+.

Pradeep Sagar
Robotics & Coding Specialist

With a background in computer science, Pradeep comes with 2+ years of mentoring experience with Robots & Coding. Currently, Pradeep specializes in the Lego Minstorms Robot and Inveno Coding where he mentors students from ages 6+ and above. Pradeep is also a FIDE Rated Chess Coach with Ratings of 2000+ on chess.com. He works with Beginner & Intermediate chess players to help them sharpen their tactical skills, and broaden their positional understanding. He strongly believes that every child should be treated with the same intellectual capacity and there is a potential within each child to discover a hidden talent! Mind Mentorz gives a child that opportunity!

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Premlatha Sagar
Rubik's Cube Specialist

Out of a mere passion and desire to learn the Rubik's Cube algorithms, Premlatha is is one of the finest Rubik's Cube mentors in Bangalore. Premlatha works with kids from ages 6+ to have them introduced to many of the Rubik's Cubes variants. Her passion is to make a positive difference in every child through the Rubik's Cube solving methods and help a child conquer the problem solving process. Premlatha mentors her students to help them understand that perfection takes effort, focus, & above all, patience! Premlatha is equipped to mentored students in the following cubes - 3x3 Variant, 4x4 Variant, 5x5 Variant, Mirror Cube,  Pyranmix Cube, Gear Cube & Mastermorphix Cube.