Children's Chess Tournament @ Mind Mentorz (Nov 26th)

We are hosting our 2nd Chess Tournament at Mind Mentorz for our students this month on November 26th (Sunday). As the capacity of the academy is limited, registrations are available on a first-come first serve basis. 

We encourage you to enroll your child for the tournament which will be a very good format for him/her to practice tournament etiquette and follow FIDE chess rules correctly. We look forward to a healthy competition at Mind Mentorz

Please use the registration link below to enroll your child:

Date: November 26th (Sunday)
Children's Meet:  3:30pm
Timing: 4:00pm - 6:00pm
No. of Rounds: 6
Tournament Type: Swiss Rapid
Time Control: 10+5
Max Particpants: 22
Min Participants: 10
Tournament Fee: INR 400 (To be paid online or by cash/card at the academy) 

(Prizes distributed as Customized Medals + Certificates for the top 3 players at the end of the tournament. Participation Certificates & Badges for all participants)

Mind Mentorz Medal Design