6 Tips to get Better at Chess


Like any other game, you can become better at chess by constant practicing. This is an evolutionary game, where you not just learn newer ways of winning a game but evolve after every match as well. If winning in chess teaches you about your opponent’s mistake, losing can teach you yours. With literally several thousands of probabilities to the game, you cannot just come up with a pattern and device algorithms to tackle chess and win using a textbook approach. It takes constant development of skills including strategizing, consequential analysis, manipulation, grabbing the right opportunity at the right time and foreseeing actions to get better at chess.

Though an initial good coaching can help you take the right approach to learning chess from the very first day, it is only your interest to experiment with the game and your thought process that take you forward in the games.

Along the way in your journey, there are several things you can do to get better at chess apart from consistent practice. We have compiled the most essential and effective approaches to becoming a better player. Read on to know how you can ace your skills in chess.


1) Get your Foundation Right

Whatever you do starts from the very fundamental elements – the basics. You cannot build on your chess playing skills and expect tournament victories if you are not fully thorough of the rules, basic strategies and the techniques you should know as a beginner. A lot of strategies that you will play in this game are combination of the basics combined with instantaneous thought processes. To grab hold of an opponent’s mistake and make him or her regret the move, you should know how to approach the move and this can happen only if you are good with the basics. So if you think you are consistently losing in chess, get back to the basics and brush up the fundamental strategies.


2) Play Regularly, Play Often

The more you play, the more you will understand about the game and the intricacies involved. Not everyone takes a similar approach in playing chess and that is exactly why you should play with diverse people and get to understand your game through theirs. It is like going out on a quest to learn the tactics used around you. Exposure to newer gameplays and strategies will help you precise yours and give you opportunities to test your strategies and come up with remedies if they don’t work.


3) Play against the Computer

When desktops were introduced, chess was one of the pre-installed games. There were times people used to dread opening chess as computers could beat the human mind very swiftly. But that is how you progress. Playing against a computer is perhaps the best practice and you should do this often to understand where you stand. Today, chess applications also have moves analysis and match review systems that give you detailed analysis of your game and allow you to track your game.


4) Endgames

Endgames are game changers in chess. Just when you think your opponent is locked and visions of you winning are clear, there could be a tactic from your opponent that could leave you awestruck. The thing to consider here is the ability to master endgame basics. We had posted an article on endgame strategies every beginner should know and you might find this article helpful.


5) Watch Videos and Tutorials

Another effective way to quickly grasp the way people come up with strategies and their thought process is by watching videos and tutorials of veterans playing chess. There are a lot of explained videos that analyze chess strategies of some of the best games ever played and watching them will open your horizons on approaching strategies and moves. There are also videos on basic chess strategies, endgame techniques and other basics that can help you get better at chess.


4) Conquer Haste

Patience and clarity of thoughts are two of the most important virtues in chess and the moment you lose one, you are bound to get defeated. Do not make your moves in haste and never lose your clarity of thoughts, trying to combine two or more strategies for quick victory. Think of one strategy at a time and always double check your moves and its consequences. Making this a practice will make you get better at chess very soon.


So these are some of our practical approaches to getting better at chess. As you know, it is all in the practice and your interest. If you think we have missed any crucial tip, share them on your thoughts as comments.