The Greatest Chess Games of All Times


Over the last few decades, mankind has been fortunate to witness some really intense moments that have earned a permanent name for themselves in history. There have been some great moments in the history of chess, where one masterstroke have turned players into legends and tournaments into historic milestones. Be it the games involving Anderssen and Dufresene, Kasparov, Vishwanathan Anand or Deep Blue, there are some greatest games in chess that looked back in awe in the decades to come.

As an aspiring chess player, you should not just go back and watch or read about these chess games but actually study them. These games are full of lessons, strategies, mistakes and moves and the more you are exposed to these games, the better your evolution as a chess player will be. So to help you out with that, here is our compilation of some of the greatest chess games ever played.

1) Topalov Vs. Anand

One of the most crucial games in the recent times, the game witnessed Anand in a cornered situation. He had lost his queen but was soon to gain significant material advantage. However, the game again took a turn where Topalov was more probable to win the game. Anand managed to make his moves and eventually bring the game to a draw. One of the highlights of the game was the press conference that happened after the game. In the conference, Vladimir Kramnik referred to this game as 23rd century chess.


2) Kasparov Vs. Topalov

One involving Topalov again, he was competing against Gary Kasparov in what was one of the most astounding games ever. What makes this game very crucial is the fact that Kasparov managed to pull off a move that required him to think 15 steps in advance to trigger a sacrifice. Topalov fell for the moves but he reportedly shared that he was able to foresee up to nine moves. He, however, missed a decisive step that helped Kasparov succeed in his plan. You cannot just ignore the genius of Kasparov in pulling of such an unthinkable feat.


3) Deep Blue Vs. Kasparov

Though not as beautiful as other games, this game is of crucial significance in the world of chess because of the fact that Kasparov was actually competing against a supercomputer in a worldly environment. Known as Deep Blue, the supercomputer lost its first match against Kasparov, leaving the entire world happy and hopeful for the fact that machines can be fast but humans will always have an edge over them.


4) Marshall Vs. Levitsky

Played in the year 1912, this is one of the most classic games ever played. En prise is a move where a chess piece is attacked but not defended. In this game, Frank Marshall put his queen vulnerable to such a move, wherein the queen could have been taken down in not just one but three different ways. However, the twist in the tale was the fact that he managed to make his opponent resign from his moves and retain his queen without a single scratch, making this game one of the most memorable moments in the history of chess.


5) La Bourdonnais Vs. McDonnell

La Bourdonnais and McDonnel were two of the most powerful and successful players in their times. The match held in 1834 was one of the 62nd games played between the masterminds. This game holds a special place in the history of chess for white’s second rank being abreast with three of Bourdonnais’ black pawns. This was one of the most famous victories and games in Bourdonnais’ career.


So, these were some of the most interesting and special games every played in the history of chess. From magnificent finishers to strategies you thought you could never come up with, the games have it all. If you know of any other game  that is significant or offers things to learn, share them on your comments.