Here's a chance for your child to get an official Chess FIDE Rating

On the July 22nd & 23rd, there is a FIDE Rated Rapid Chess Tournament taking place in Bangalore. If you're interested to enroll your child for this tournament, please use the below link to get all the required details:

We at Mind Mentorz, strongly encourage you to consider enrolling your child for this tournament if he/she is above a beginner and has an online chesskid/ rating of 600+. This tournament is an excellent opportunity to get an official FIDE Chess Rating, and to also meet chess players of all age groups across India. The competition is going to be tough, but it will give your child the exposure to understand the intensity of chess tournaments and the kind of mental stamina / determination it requires if one is to excel to a high level of performance.

 A wealth of lessons can be learned during each and every tournament game. The fact is there are many losses and wins within a single game!

Here is an excellent read from on signing your child for a chess tournament: