Inveno Coding workshop this July 9th, between 4:ooPM - 5:00PM

Coding that's child's play. Inveno is a complete learning experience for kids to learn how to code, through its unique, child-friendly, coding platform and a certified network of highly educated, home teachers. Trobo is a programmable robot. When you write code and run it on Trobo, you can watch it draw, move, flash lights, play sounds and more. A fun and engaging way to learn coding! Our curriculum and content fully integrates with Trobo.

Are you looking to give your child the opportunity to learn visual programming? This July 9th, we're conducting a workshop at our academy (between 4:00PM - 5:00PM) to introduce our newly launched coding program for children for ages 7 & above! We are calling all parents to visit and be part of this workshop to learn more about the coding for children program that will gift them a new skill for the future. Learn all about the program by registering for the workshop here: