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Mind Mentorz, we have always been channelizing our energy on walking you through the positive impact chess can bring in to your life. Be it through our classes, conversations or blog posts, we have emphasized the importance of training your mind with chess for the development of analytical and strategic skills that will complement your goals and aspirations.

As part of the vision we have for Mind Mentorz, we recently published an eBook on Amazon that went on to become a bestselling book in its distinct category. Through the book called Knights and Horses, we explored in detail the various aspects of chess and how it is beneficial to your career and life in general. We have also shed light on why your kid should have an early exposure to chess and how it would influence his or her academics, attitude and perspective towards life.

Moreover, we have also featured exclusive interviews with FIDE Rated chess coaches, Praveen Sagar and Pradeep Sagar, who share the role of chess in their life and explain how it can even help you out in stock markets. In the eBook, we have also covered the basics of chess, its evolution and a few fundamentals you should know if you are venturing into chess as a hobby.

The book is from the pros, who have extensive experience in chess and come with undeterred vision to bring about a positive influence amongst people by training their minds with chess.

This weekend, we felt it would be perfect to run a giveaway of our bestselling eBook for free so you can get hands on with it and get to understand that chess is beyond a game for pass time and that it helps inculcate crucial life skill. So, the eBook is now available on Amazon for free and to download, all you have to do is download the Kindle app on your smartphone, sign in with your Amazon account and get started with Knights and Horses.

To make it simple, here is the link from where you can download the kindle app and the link to our eBook Knights and Horses:

Kindle App: https://goo.gl/X41LH9

Knights and Horses: https://goo.gl/N9Xz3r

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