5 Chess Blogs and Resources Every Beginner Should Follow

They say practice and perseverance make a person perfect. True that is and if you are venturing out to develop a new skill, you need more than these two attributes to consistently get better at what you intend to do. Precisely, you need the right exposure, mentorship and information about your interest to stay updated about it, learn trivia, interesting things only people within the circle of your interest would know, tips and tricks and what not! This specifically holds true for a game like chess, which cannot be confined to a book.

With a game so massive and full of probabilities, you cannot simply share that you have mastered chess by playing a series of games or reading a guide. Tons of strategies can be brought into a game, hundreds of ways to open a game, endgames, finishers, mid-game strategies, sacrifices, bigger pictures, phew, how can one stay on the edge when it comes to chess?

As we said – exposure!

There are thousands of brilliant minds out there who are great at chess but are not grandmasters and they all immensely contribute to the chess community by posting blogs. There are also several other resources, where you can practice and further enhance your game skills. To help you out, we have compiled a list of 5 such amazing chess resources you should follow. Check them out.


1) ChessVibes

It’s the world’s biggest online community for chess and is one of the best resources for both beginners and pros alike. On this portal, you will find everything related to chess – from news and updates to helpful articles, tutorials, tips and tricks and even videos and live chess rankings. The best part is that there is a section where you will find a unique chess puzzle to solve every day. So the first thing you do is check out the blog and subscribe.


2) Chess.com

If you are looking at dedicating some time for chess every single day, we recommend you visit Chess.com. The website is probably the best avenue to hone your skills and get better at your games. With the website, you can subscribe and start playing online chess games with opponents from across the globe, giving you the exposure you need. Besides, you can also learn chess through analyses, videos, openings, tactics, first steps and even play solo matches for progress. The user interface is simple and if you are serious about chess, this is your Disneyland.


3) Chessdailynews

You would be taken back in a good way if we told you that this website has around 50 posts on chess per week. Yes, per week! That is tons of content on chess and immense information to update your skills. From puzzles, match analyses, tournament schedules, tactics, and archives of games, the perspectives you gain on chess after browsing through this website is phenomenal. Go check it out!



Acting as the governing body of chess globally, this portal brings you all the information you need to become a pro chess player. If you are serious on getting into tournaments and increasing your ratings, this has to be your homepage. Though you won’t find content on skill development like strategies and tactics or interviews, you will definitely stay updated about the world of chess and keep informed of every happening. Best website to evolve as a player!

For a beginner, these are the five best tried and tested resources we found useful. The amount of information they bring to the table and the insights they give players are unparalleled. If you think we missed out on any such website, share them on your comments and spread the word!