4 Chess Apps for Your Android Phone


Practice is what turns a layman to a connoisseur and constant exposure to tougher situations is what brings out the best in people. In this fast-paced world, hardly do we have time to sit down, think and have conversations. We go to work, binge television series, eat, try to sleep at night, sleep in the mornings and repeat. Amidst such a lifestyle, it is difficult to pursue an interest and sustain it. That’s why we have with us chess apps for your smartphone that will allow you to stay in touch with the game and update your games and skills while you’re on the move. So no matter if you are commuting your way to work, having lunch or have a spare time, these apps should keep nurturing the pro in you. Check them out.


Chess – Play and Learn

As the name suggests, the game Chess – Play and Learn is one of the ideal smartphone apps that will not just expose you to the world of chess but keep getting better with every game. You can either compete against the computer or challenge players from around the world and increase your leaderboard ratings. Besides, the game also has a few additional game modes for you to play. But what makes the app stand out is its collection of over 50,000 puzzles on chess and lessons that it has compiled in its database. It also has a forum for you to ask your questions and get them answered or vice versa. With over 20 themed boards and a free download, this is the best you can get.


Chess Light

One of the most uniquely designed chess app out there, Chess Light is all about solving interesting – and sometimes tough – chess puzzles. The puzzles require you to use chess moves to solve them and hone your strategizing and visualization skills. Constant playing on this game will allow you to understand the ways an opponent can think and put you under situations that will make you take the right decisions. From sacrifices to aggressive attacks, this game makes you familiar with everything.



If you feel you have to watch live chess matches or events alongside playing against a computer, we have an app for that as well. Twitch is the app that will allow you to watch all events and broadcasts from Chess.com and every single online game out there. The app also has event highlights videos for quick summary of the game. Once you log in, you can subscribe to the events or games and get notified whenever a live broadcast is scheduled.


Play Magnus

If you ever wanted to play with the world champion and in your wildest imaginations wanted to beat him at his own game, there is an iota of opportunity for you on your smartphone. The app Play Magnus has a Magnus-tuned engine that lets you play against a virtual Carlsen at varying difficulty levels. But that’s not it, the app also gives you a chance to qualify for a real play-off, where if you are skilled enough, you can play against the real Magnus Carlsen at a secret location. Game?

So these were our smartphone apps recommendations for chess. We are sure we have covered diverse aspects of the game you need to be exposed to and not just a series of chess games. Check them out, explore how you can prioritize their usage for your development and make your way to becoming a pro. Good luck!