Essential Websites You Need to Bookmark to Teach Coding To Your Kids


On one of our previous posts, we shared some insights on why your kids should start learning coding today. To take that vision of ours forward, we bring to you some of the most essential websites that you need to bookmark to teach coding to your kids. Apart from making your kids future-ready in terms of life and career security, early exposure to coding and app development unleashes the full potential of your kids’ creativity and imagination. It teaches them that anything is possible with a vision and lets them design and build cool stuff out of their shortcomings and miseries. Skills like problem solving, cognitive, critical thinking, reverse engineering and more are developed with coding and that’s exactly why this is the perfect time for your kid to start coding.



Coding might be a little complex for even adults to understand and apply. But that shouldn’t deter you from teaching your son or daughter the ability to code. As early as 8 they might be, you can slowly introduce to them programming principles and concepts with this really cool website called Blockly. A free program, it is designed to instill knowledge on JavaScript by taking a puzzle-solving approach. It uses gamification to make learning fun and lets your kid fix pieces of jigsaw puzzles in the right sequences of codes. All your kid needs to do is drag and drop the right code to build the software program presented in the puzzle and he or she is ready for the next level. If your kid has zero exposure to coding and you expect him or her to do well when they learn programming languages in school, this should be the ideal first stepping stone.



If your son or daughter is in the middle school and are serious on instilling coding skills in them, this is the most comprehensive resource you can share. You can call it the Wikipedia of coding resources as this website is a non-profit and is one of the best avenues to get started with learning coding. It features tons of useful articles, tutorials, apps and even lists of local coding schools. The best part about the website is its inspirational videos on how some of the best coders and successful people today started off with learning coding.

Code Combat

If our childhood was marked by Mortal Combat, it’s Code Combat that is all set to mark that of your kids’. An excellent portal to teach coding to your kids, the online game teaches JavaScript and Python concepts using online games. If you’ve seen your kid playing RPGs like Clash of Clans and the likes, get them this website and let them learn coding through their playtime. The narration and the storyline that revolves around the central theme of coding concepts is beautifully included and will ensure your kid learns and has fun at the same time. The website uses different activities and aspects to make coding concepts and gameplay as interesting as possible.

App Inventor

Now you can make your kids develop their own Androind Apps with this useful website. Called the App Inventor, the website allows your kids to use the visual programming language to devise their own apps. One of the most credible aspects about the resource is that it’s from Google and is mostly visually, involving drag and drop elements. Your kid starts off with building simple apps and gradually making their way towards more complex ones.

So, what do you think? These are completely bookmark-worthy right? Sit with your kids, spend time with them on these websites and make their time productive every evening. These instances would go a long way in your kids’ life and career.