Meet Edison - The Robot Friend That Will Unleash Your Kids' Creativity and Analytical Skills

At the first sight, the fully functional robot buddy could easily pass off as a small piece of toy, an unattended box, a Lego piece or even a broken portion of an RC car. But you pick it up and have a look at it, you'll know it has more than what meets the eye.

Yes, our super-friendly programmable robot friend called Edison is designed to kickstart your robotic visions and goals in one of the most practical and simplest ways possible. Everything associated with it is simple and placed at beginners' level. That makes it super easy for you to give one to your kids and help them understand the basics of robotics better. Oh, not just understand but venture out full-fledged into exploring the myriad probabilities and functionalities associated with this comprehensive robot.


Say Hello To Edison

Edison is one of the very few bots that packs in several features and functionalities into one. For instance, it has wheel encoders, clutch mechanisms, obstacle detection sensors, motor-drive components, QR code scanners, a Lego compatible upper deck and more. What makes this robot fun and insightful is that you can make combinations of these features to make your weirdest ideas come to life.

At the backend, the developers have kept it simple as well. Your kid need not possess commendable coding skills. A little understanding of logics and functions can make him or her do wonders with the robots. The programming language that comes with Edison is completely icon based and works with drag-and-drop features. Your kid has to just crack the logic for the idea he or she is working on and get going with executing it. If you have take inspiration from our posts and started teaching your kids programming languages such as Python, Edison allows your kid to code with the language and explore advanced levels of robotics as well.


Why We Use Edison at Mind Mentorz

If you have noticed the way we teach, you would know that we blend the best of fun and education into our courses. Considering robotics is a complex topic to deal with and the fact that it is kids who are at the receiving end, we had to ensure the concepts and application of them are completely grasped by them.

For their age and mindsets, something like Edison works in retaining their interests in robotics, get imaginative and be encouraged to pursue the imagination to make it a reality. Edison is one of the most user-friendly devices in the market today and is extensive. From simple vehicle that avoids obstacles to miniature models of elevators, hydraulics and more, your kid can build what is in his or her mind.

Besides, Edison is also a great tool to get instant results of ideation and validation of it. Your kid can understand coding concepts and immediately put them to use to test how effective they are when applied. Apart from pre-set activities that come with Edison, we focus on leveraging the full potential of this robot to help your kids knock their doors of creativity. We believe robotics is not just a healthy activity to pursue but an exercise that constantly sharpens the mind and awareness as well.