“No one ever won a game by resigning” – Savielly Tartakower


Savielly Tartakower is a French Grandmaster, a leading chess journalist and a successful author in the 1920's and 1930's. Even though he was a strong player he is mostly remembered for his wit, maverick and aphorism also known as Tartakoverisms. He grew out to be one of the most notable chess players of his time even with his impactful quotations and statements.

In his quote, "No one ever won a game by resigning" he wanted to state that unless and until you continue to play the game till the very end, you would never know that you ultimately won or lost. Chess is a game that you play with skilful tactics and proper strategic planning. You decide your action before making a move with scanning and browsing over the situation in and around your position. You have to acquire a specific set of skills to be a great chess player and that needs time, patience and practice.

You can often hear people saying, life is a game of chess. True, life is alike to a game of chess. There are instances, where you face challenges or difficulties but you overcome them and continue living. You attack, defend or even dodge your problems and acquire certain skills to live a happy and healthy life. Just like you get accustomed in dealing with situations and circumstances. That is the way of life.

Chess parallel to Life

To comprehend the quote in terms of life, you cannot be successful in life if you decide to give up early. There will be occurrences that would challenge you every now or then, just like in chess, each move or action that you make would have consequences, good or bad, but you need to keep on playing your own part to get the desired result. There is a lot that you learn from chess foresightedness, cautious, prompt and take failure in stride. These are the features that proceed you in life and in chess, to be a better chess player or be a better person.

There are situations that make you have a second thought about your move or your action, but quitting is never a solution. A little determination is required from your behalf to complete the game. The most important part of chess is to stick to the game, the quest to win or succeed. Winning or losing is the latter part of the story that needs to be considered after you have held your ground.


Rarely does life give you a second chance, so utilize that for good, hold firm grounds and keep up the sportsman spirit. Like it's always been said, it's not just about reaching the destination but the journey matters. There are struggles that are bound to be a part of your life, but eventually you overcome your fear, anxiety and sorrow to build a better, happier tomorrow. Every decision you make, counts whether in chess or your life and quitting is never an option.