You have been wrong about Rubik’s cube all this long!


A child is a curious soul, full of energy, inquisitive and innovative. They have the potential to build an imaginative kingdom around them and bring out their artistic self. The only needful aspect is to give a direction to those art and imagination. They need to have steady and gradual all-round development. We at Mind Mentorz work to put the kids at the forefront and provide them with tools, devices and instruments that harness their mind.

A young mind picks up skills very easily and effortlessly unlike an adult brain. We at Mind Mentorz try to build the foundation very strong for kids. Skills can be polished later if the basics are strong. Every child of various age group has different hurdles. Overcoming those can only structure them as sound individuals in future.

If we talk about Rubik’s cube, a Rubik’s cube is a small compact 3-D puzzle. It is a pastime for some and habit for others, but you may find this puzzle in every household. Young or adult, it draws the interest of both. What we evaluated out of several surveys and researches conducted over the time period by different institutions is that recognition of a pattern is essential before learning a skill. Just like chalking out a plan is crucial before stepping out for an expedition.

We the Mind Mentorz are the best chess coaching institute in Bangalore. We carry out chess learning programmes for kids that help them to develop their cognitive ability. We focus on a child’s problem solving skills, implementation of strategies, patience and pattern recognition ability than just train them to learn chess. Just like in playing chess, the initial requirement of the game is to recognise the pattern and make moves. Then it comes down to strategizing and working on that during the mid-game.

Rubik’s cube helps children understand the pattern in the game. It introduces several algorithms, escalates speed to solve a particular problem, memorizing calculations and most importantly exercise patience. We offer several Rubik’s cube variants to children to work with. Solving Rubik’s cube is a fun activity for children and love doing so, vibrant colours and unique shapes is what fascinates them. We take pride to have such skilled erudite professionals who guide such little ones to have a better future.

The founder of Rubik’s cube is Erno Rubik. It is believed that even he took about a month to solve his self-made invention, hence it is obvious to feel elated by solving the puzzle. Their confidence is boosted and that even adds a star to their personality. We The Mind Mentorz are known to be one of a kind institution among many other chess coaching institutes in Bangalore. Rubik’s cube is just a stepping stone to the long journey of cognitive development. We believe in the vast potential that a child holds and their ability to learn. A brighter future awaits for every kid that holds the will to learn.