Is it kids to code or coding to kids?


Learning to code for kids is becoming increasingly common these days and one cannot dismiss the fact that it is a fast paced technological world and one needs to make complete use of it, be it to use them for convenience or use it to help kids learn the various skills much needed these days.

A relatively new topic for kids to learn, coding, as many people think, is no rocket science. As against the popular knowledge, young kids have an added advantage. Statistics show that kids learn coding faster, as compared to an adult. One can also view it as another language learnt another type of literacy.

While a few parents are still apprehensive about young kids coding, the advantage that comes with learning to code are many:

A useful skill

Just like learning music or dance, learning to code is a comprehensive skill for the young mind. Not only does it provide the child with the benefits of learning a new language as a skill, it also puts the child a leap ahead of his/her peers.

Increased computational abilities

Coding enhances the child’s computing skills and the ability to put things in a logical and a structured manner. As coding requires the coders to think in a methodical approach, taking each step as a challenge and putting things in perspective piece by piece, the child is empowered with knowledge and skill much beyond his/her capacity.

Creative and problem solving abilities

Unlike the popular predisposition on coding and coders, they are not only for geeks and coding does not make one a geek. It is a practical skill. Coding requires numerous problem-solving skills and the young ones, with their unbiased mind can think out of the box and get creative solutions to issues. With their curious, cautious mind, they develop the ability to think ahead and anticipate problems which they might encounter and develop the ability to resolve them.

While there are numerous more benefits of learning to code for a kid, one does wonder if it is really necessary for a child to learn coding. If you have a curious young child and already a pro in using the various technological equipment, starting him/her off on the basics of coding will help them understand how things work. With technology doing most of the brainwork, this is one way to keep the young mind active and get them to learn an essential skill, which will surely benefit them in the long run. You never know, with this you might discover your child’s hidden talent and he/she might already be prodigy in coding.

At Mind Mentorz, we appreciate each child’s potential and strive to bring out the best in them.  Coding is one such skill which we believe enhances the child’s capacity to create, problem solve and enjoy the results. When a child sees his coding come to life on screen, the confidence and the boost that it gives to the child is priceless.