How Chess Can Prove to be Great for Family Bonding


We say that 'no matter how far we go, we would always find our way back home'. For an individual, home symbolises family, warmth, love and the sense of togetherness and a child is no exception to that. Though the formation of nuclear families have shrunk the amount of time that a child spends with his/her entire family. The hectic schedule of parents and distance from grandparents have reduced their world to themselves.

Chess to the rescue

In such cases, parents should occasionally spend time with their kids and participate in various activities that would strengthen their bond. Chess is one such board game that can be played by anybody, irrespective of age, to build family bonding. You as a parent or a grandparent would love to spend some quality time with your kids, here chess fits perfectly into the picture. While it does not require any physical movement, it is ideal for grandparents and scientifically proven facts even say that chess eliminates the chances of brain aging. So you and your grandkid stay mentally strong and healthy.

Children realise their consequences of action

For a parent, incorporating moral values in their kids are equally important as academic education. While playing chess, every move they make teaches them that they are solely responsible for their own actions and hence they have to face the consequences. There is no better way to make them realise these fundamental truths about life. Be it in the game of chess or in reality, a person should be bold enough to accept his/her own mistake and progress towards resolving it.

Chess builds confidence

It has been discovered by various scientific experiments that children learn faster than adults. Chess is one such sport that is loved by all. While learning chess you can watch your child learn, analyse and plan his/her next move. Enhance his problem solving skill and accept his failures. The best part would be he/she won't feel ashamed of their failure against family and would boost up their confidence to be better next time. So, don't be shocked if your kid beats you the next time.

A child accumulates loads of memories during their childhood, that lingers in his/her mind forever. Parents should try to create happy memories for their kids that would bring a smile to their face, but what they should focus on is creating happy, cherished memories that would shape a better future for their kids. A child's persona develops around their parents as they are considered the reflection of their parents. Chess would be a major tool that would formulate the psychological, intellectual and social constitution of your child.

What great way to connect people and enhance bonding within a family. Chess has always brought people together and it is doing the same for families. Keeping aside their difference in opinion, their varied views and perceptions the family comes together to celebrate togetherness and relationships across generations.