Explore the creativity of your child through robotics and coding


Kids are known to be inquisitive. They would constantly have thousands of questions bubbling in their mind and they love to find the answers to them. The Sci-fi movies today even blow an adult's minds away. Back in the days, when we as kids used to be awestruck by watching movies like Jurassic Park or Star Wars, imagine the level of excitement for kids who belong to the present generation!

Kids love stories. Stories help them to build a world around them. They will be exhilarated to create versions of their own stories through Robotics and Coding. It is scientifically proven that Robotics Programmes and coding develops creativity in a child. We are taking along with us a big part of technology involving robotics and coding into the future.  

How do Robotics and Coding help in developing Creativity?


Studies that are made over a period of time suggests that Children grows a tendency to learn better if they can physically touch or feel things. They would be more inclined or interested in things which are made by them. Coding is a skill or hobby that they can take up, to create their imagination to reality. If we consider coding as literacy (Symbolic Language), a child can learn that symbolic language easily than adults, as they have a motivation to succeed. Rather than playing any video game, they would be creating their own video game through coding.


We fell in love with robots a long time ago. Then movies made our fascination with robots evolve with time. The 'BB-8' in Star Wars or the magnificent 'Optimus Prime' in transformers, they all have somehow developed our interests in robot and machines as a child. Children today, have the opportunity to learn robotics and enhance their creative skills. Learning robotics will make them confident around new technology and help in designing and conceptualizing their machines. Robotics is a production based learning module. When children realise that their command can fetch desired actions from a machine that they created, they would find it engaging. They would use their creativity to run different commands. Usually, not many fields provide the opportunity to use creativity and engineering at the same level, but robotics gives you the freedom to formulate your imagination into a machine.

The future stands ready to welcome all new ideas and innovations. Robotics and coding have already fixed their place to be the next big thing in the future. Children who are endowed with knowledge about the two major prospects of future will easily gel with the tech-savvy society. Exposing the children to such environments from today will bring them a little closer to a modern, bring future. Apart from technical knowledge it also develops teamwork and communication skills, improves concentration and attention, enhances strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. On common grounds, both these programmes will eventually help your children, build masterpieces that the world will admire.