5 Movies on Mind Games You Should Binge Watch This Weekend


Some of the best movies are those that take us on a journey along with the heroes. But some of the greatest movies are those that let us get inside their minds and get a sneak-peek of their thoughts and voices. Hollywood has produced some really stunning movies based on mind games and tricks. As players of Rubik’s Cube and chess, we do enjoy our share of mind tricks and manipulation and perhaps, we could take some pop culture references to better our games and thought processes.

What say?

So if you are free this weekend, here are the best movies on mind games you should binge on.



A revolutionary plot, a breathtaking spectacle – Inception is one of the finest movies to have ever been made. Mot just because of the grandeur of the visuals but the very ‘idea’ itself! Imagine a person using not nukes or bio-chemicals to take down an empire but a simple parasite we call an idea. Who would have thought that dreams could be a medium for alternate universes, dimensions and realities? Every time you watch this movie, there is something new you notice. With all the essential elements, Inception comes first on our list.



Indian cinema has been really good of late and movies from independent directors and newcomers have arrived as a sigh of relief. Kahaani was one such movie, where the director gets into your mind to pull off a magic trick that lasts for over 120 minutes. It is only in the end that you wake up to the trick to feel deceived and feel great about it. The movie about a pregnant woman coming to find her missing husband in Kolkata is sure to leave you amazed this weekend.


Fight Club

We are sure you would have seen the movie but this David Fincher classic is worth every rewatch. The first time you watch it, it’s Tyler Duren that makes an impact. But trust us, from the second time, it’s the movie’s plot and twists that take up your mind. All about hallucinations and delusions, the movie plays a dirty trick in your mind to top off the climax with a twist. If you have not seen this movie, we recommend you watch it today.



Movies based on time travel are meant to be serious and confusing. However, directors take excellent care on their writing to make the concept believable and comprehensible for laymen like us. But there was this one film that really took the best of our intellect – Primer. This is a movie, where protagonists accidentally invent a time machine and their obsession over their creation takes them to alternate realities, overlapping spacetime and consequences that are on the darker shades of light. You would have to watch this movie four or five times to make sense of the narration. We are still stuck in our own light years though!


The Prestige

No, we are not fanboys of Nolan. It’s just that these movies have to be included when it comes to mind games. A tale of two rival magicians and their dirty tricks and games to outdo each other finds a spectacle in visual narration through Prestige. References of Nicola Tesla and technologies way ahead of their times, the movie has innumerable moments of awe. Watch for the actors, the performances and the prestige!

We are sure after watching these movies, you would want to pull off some of your own tricks on the chessboard. If these movies are intended to motivate players, we would love to share more from our lists. Do drop in your favorite movies as comments as well.