5 Simple Coding Projects for Your Kids

It's summer and as parents, most of us are looking for effective and exciting ways to engage our kids. If you have not enrolled your kids to a Summer Camp program, you can still pave way for a productive summer. Though televisions, video games and tablets are fine, kids need constant nurturing in terms of developing new abilities, creativity, logical reasoning and more. That is why we have the most ideal solution that will not just keep the kids engaged but let them have fun while doing it as well.

We have with us coding projects that goes both online and offline and allows kids to get a real sense of logics, sequencing, conditions, statements and other concepts of coding to give them a holistic idea of what programming languages and coding are. So with minimal things required, you can now see your children evolve with this simple coding projects.

Check them out.

Binary Converter Project

Let's start with one of the most simplest and fun projects, shall we? With the binary converter project, you can help your kids get familiarize with the binary language. With ASCII codes, ask them to write their names, their friends' name or anything they intend to and convert them into binary digits.

If you want to make it more interesting, ask them to use vibrant colors for the digits and spaces to make a bracelet, pendent or a photo-frame out of their binary names. For the more curious souls out there, you can gradually introduce them to Morse code and Braille codes too.


A Dance Party for the Monsters

As much as monsters could be scary and intimidating for kids, they could be equally adorable. Don't believe us? You should check out this pet monster project of sorts for kids, where they are required to prepare monsters for their much-awaited dance party. With coding, your kids are required to choreograph dance moves and get them going for the event. Called the Monster High Dance Party, the project is available on Tynker and is a great way to make coding fun.


Create A Website

If you think your kids need some serious exposure to coding, you can check out the project from Code Academy, where kids can create their own websites from scratch. This super-intensive project introduces CSS3, HTML5 and Bootstrap concepts to kids and lets them create four distinct websites. Apart from this, it also teaches them to work around the basic layout of a webpage.


Your Very Own Star Wars Galaxy

Star Wars has always been about pushing boundaries and limits and with this projects, it just becomes fun. With this Code.org project, your kids can make use of the drag-and-drop interface to build their own version of Star Wars galaxy and learn coding by doing so. If your kids are beginners, this could be the most ideal foundation in coding.


Pet Simulator

One of the most basic and creative projects, pet simulator lets your kids have fun by programming a pet to react to different actions or objects. From fruits and vegetables to what your kids' imagination throws out, the pet could be programmed to react. This is a Tynker project.

So, what do you think? Some of the projects we have mentioned are addictive for adults as well. Don't get carried away and let the kids have some fun and learn.