4 Essential Books on Coding for Kids

At Mind Mentorz, we personally consider this post close to our heart mainly because of two things. Firstly, it brings to the light the inevitability of coding, its pros and influence on kids’ imagination and true inner potential. Secondly, and most importantly, it aims at bringing back the long-lost habit among the kids of today of picking up a book and reading it.

There were times when books used to be our best friends, teaching us something every single day, helping us sail through hurricanes and being a good companion during our lonely times. Today, it’s saddening to see apps and gadgets replacing books and hardly doing something other than filling our brains and that of our kids’ with what we call buffer information. Today, we know things we absolutely don’t need and vice versa.

This post should ideally help you get one book to your kid and let him or her read for at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Plus, they are on coding. Check out our recommendations.


Python for Kids – A Playful Introduction to Programming

Python is a programming language that sometimes adults fumble at. So, how does one manage to bring down the intensity and complexity of the language and make it interesting to kids? Well, this books handles one of the most crucial concerns seamlessly. Understanding the fact that kids would find it annoying and never come back to the concepts if they find it boring, the book finds new and interesting ways to keep them hooked to Python. Not just for kids, this book is an ideal guide if you are an adult and new to programming languages as well. Probably, you could borrow it from your kid once he or she has read it.


Hello Ruby – Adventures in Coding

What if we told you that a book on coding was designed and published as a storybook that lets readers follow the trails of a curious character? Hello Ruby is one such book that beautifully blends concepts on coding and lets kids understand computational thinking, pattern recognition and other crucial coding topics through the eyes of Ruby and her quests. This novel idea to lure kids into the world of coding fetched more than $380,000 on Kickstarter as well. A subtle achievement of our two prime visions!

Coding for Kids for Dummies

If you have been a follower of the ‘For Dummies’ series of books, you know how invaluable they are. Now, the series has a dedicated book that teaches coding for kids in the most informative ways possible. Ideal for elementary and middle-school kids, this book walks them through coding topics and concepts and allows them to work on projects that involve designing games, toos, apps and more. Visually appealing and literally comprehensible, one for serious enthusiasts.


Adventures in Raspberry Pi

If you didn’t know Raspberry Pi is a card-sized device capable of performing processes like that of a computer. It’s potential is immense compared to the size of it and this book brings to light topics such as coding for Raspberry Pi. This book is written kept in mind kids between 11 to 15, assuming that they don’t have any prior exposure or experience in programming. The walkthrough starts from the basics to higher concepts. There are nine fun projects (actually serious projects) for kids to work and each comes with an accompanying video as well. A must-read!

So, what do you think? We are sure the takeaways these books offer to your kids are priceless and immensely significant when compared to the apps and games they are hooked on to every day. Together, let’s get a little old-school and enjoy the benefits as well.