Simple Projects To Get Your Kids Hooked to Robotics


Introducing robotics and to kids has two major takeaways – your kids have the time of their lives experimenting with simple tools and concepts and they learn a lot of new things and skills along the way. It is an interactive and engaging for the kids and when you team them up with a couple of their friends, you could seen an electrifying environment around them. Over the last few posts, we have been emphasizing the importance of teaching robotics to your kids and on this one, we have compiled a few simple projects your kids can work on under your supervision.

From the adorable robot from Wall-E to the ones in Toy Story movies, robots have captured our attention and that of our kids. With these simple do-it-at-home projects, they will capture your kids’ imagination, too! Check them out.



Ever imagined you could make a cute little robot out of a head of a toothbrush? Ever seen a toothbrush from that angle before? Well, the bristles sure make the tiny robot that it is up to something mischievous. To make the bristlebot, you need a vibrating motor, batteries, toothbrush, pipe cleaners, craft eyes and an adhesive tape. The technicalities of making this robot is fixed but customization depends entirely on your kids’ imagination. Would they want to make an evil bristlebot ready to devour toothpastes or a good one born to protect them? It’s on them! The bristlebots can move on any flat surface.

Check out this link to find out how you can assemble the pieces together.



Robots and cars are two fascinations for both adults and kids alike! Now, you can blend them together into one and let your kids make a robot car that could travel seamlessly on a flat surface. One of the major crowd-pulling aspects of the robocar is that it is very cheap – less than Rs.300. To make a robocar, all you need are a block of sponge, bottle lids for wheels, straws, skewers, batteries and a holder, a switch, a DC motor, insulated wire and a rubber band to hold things together. This project involves the use of supplies and tools. This means you need to be around your kids for supervision and ensure that they do not get injured in the process of making one.

With all the essentials in hand, it would take less than an hour to make the robocar and for customization, you can get them to build their robots with color sponges, wierdy eyes, hairstyles and extra props. The explainer video is here.



Well, this cute little robot is capable of drawing abstract art on a piece of paper. The end result is super adorable and you can find distinct specialty of wigglebots depending on their build. You don’t need any special equipments to make one other than a disposable cup, markers, tapes, a DC motor, clothespin, ice cream stick, eyes and a battery holder. This, again, involves tools and supplies. So you know what to do!

A detailed video on how to build a wigglebot is here.

These are the perfect projects for your kids to get started with robots. They help them in understanding the build and technicalities associated with building one and gradually understand concepts. So this weekend, get them the things needed and watch them unleash their imagination.