How Mind Games Differ From Sports and Activities?


In today’s competitive world, competition is not restricted to an adult’s work-life alone. Children also are exposed to fierce competition in academics, extra-curricular activities, and other life areas as well. To help the children get on the top of the game, a lot of parents are getting their children enrolled in different sports programs or other recreational programs. But what about nurturing the child’s mental skills in a fun way? Involving your children in sports and other activities do help their body to become active and less vulnerable to diseases, but sports don’t train your children’s mind to act wisely or become an independent thinker.

Training your children’s brain is equally crucial as preparing his/her body. To sustain today’s tough life, both a sharp mind and a healthy body are required, so make sure that your children are being prepared the right way. If you are not sure of the importance of the mind games and the difference between the mind games and sports, then read ahead.



Your kid can ace the life’s “survival of the fittest” race when his mind is properly trained and nurtured to do so. Physical sports games only promote the “team building” skills and don’t teach the cognitive thinking skills that help the children grow as an individual. To promote cognitive skills like focusing, learning, remembering, analyzing, and taking life decisions one needs to involve in mind games. Coding, for example, is a good mind program that teaches children the required life skills in a fun way.


Lateral and Critical thinking

Playing sports focuses more on building and keeping alive the sports spirit. More than one person is involved in sports like basketball, cricket, and others, so the children tend to develop a habit of “depending” on the other team members. Whereas mind games aim at making your children an individual thinker that posses the required lateral and critical thinking ability. For example, scratch coding is one program that is used to improve and strengthen the logical thinking and creativity levels of the children. These are life skills that will help the children stay a step ahead of the others.


Brain Exercise

Sports and other activities contribute towards the healthy body but not a healthy mind. Apart from preparing your children physically, it is essential to prepare them mentally as well. A mind game engages the brain, and all the cognitive skills come into use in this case. It is noticed that children that play mind games are smarter and sharper than the rest of the children.

With an aim to promote healthy cognitive skills, Mind Mentorz started its journey. Known to be the best chess coaching in Bangalore, Mind Mentorz offers four different diligently prepared programs that promote and nurture the cognitive abilities of children. As many children belonging to the same age group learn together, the peer learning effect contributes towards establishing a healthy learning environment. Don’t just train your children to become physically fit, but get them involved in mind games so that they can become problem solvers having the required thinking, analyzing, and other cognitive abilities necessary to stay a step ahead in life.