Brain Gym: What It Actually Means For Your Mind And Body


To cope up with today’s stressful and highly competitive world, people are planning to prepare their children from the early stages of life. A lot of parents have enrolled their children in yoga classes and several other programs to enhance the physical capability of kids, but there is one mistake that most of them are making. Physical fitness is essential, and it can be attained with the help of a gym, but what about the mental fitness? Isn’t it equally important? The word “fitness” is not limited to just physical health. Both emotional and physical fitness are required in equal proportion to become truly successful in life. Just like a typical gym takes care of the physical fitness of a person, the brain gym takes care of the mental fitness.

There are cognitive skills in every child that needs to be honed perfectly. Even if one cognitive skill fails to function properly, then it may not allow the growth of a child to take place the way it should have. Mind Mentorz started as a chess coaching class in Bangalore intending to enhance the cognitive abilities of children through various interactive programs. Intellectual fitness and emotional intelligence are what the designed programs aim to promote in a child. If parents are unsure of what these are and why are they important, then continue reading.


Emotional Intelligence: The need of the hour

In today’s world, only a fancy degree with high scores isn’t enough to become successful in life. Smart work is slowly taking over the hard work, and this is where the “emotional intelligence” can save your child’s life. Interactive programs that promote cognitive thinking ability in a child should be on every parent’s topmost priority list. Why? Emotional intelligence focuses on both the well-being of an individual and high-performance. Mind Mentorz is a brain gym where the focus is to train the brain and not the body. The coding program, for example, makes children an individual thinker, an independent decision maker, and also helps the child by improving his communication methods. All these skills are difficult to learn on own but are essential for survival.


Intellectual Fitness: A must-have for a successful life

One can only overcome the competition is he/she can update him/herself with the ever-changing trends constantly. People who never stop learning new things tend to become more successful than the ones that don’t. Intellectual fitness makes sure that your brain is healthy and can help you learn easily throughout your life. The scratch coding program by Mind Mentorz is one such program that unleashes the creativity and upgrades the learning skills of a child. Moreover, the peer learning makes it easier for the children to hold their attention till the end of each session along with active participation from each. The best way to keep the brain healthy is by constantly challenging it. This is exactly what our diligently designed programs intend to do.

A gym is essential for both one’s mind and body. Several gyms are available to make your child fit physically, but if you want to make your child mentally fit as well, then send him/her to our brain gym.