6 Life lessons to learn from chess players

C – Charismatic

H – Hard working

E - Enigmatic

S - Strategic

S - Spontaneous


Though many more adjectives can be used to describe a Chess Player, the above, gives an overall depiction of a person who has made playing chess, a profession in itself. If we have ever had the opportunity to meet a Grandmaster of Chess, we will know that; though they are a celebrity, they are in fact normal people just like us, normal, but in a little extraordinary way. The brilliance of their mind is clearly seen in the way they handle their game and the game of life. They are trained to think on the spot, plan their moves, strategize and succeed.

There are many life lesson to be learnt from Chess and Chess Players, though the list is quite big, below are a few worth paying attention

1.    You win some, you lose some.

The first and foremost of lesson of any game – you can’t win them all. With the game of chess, there is a chance of losing at every move that you make. This is sure to keep you on your toes and do everything possible to avoid losing an important pawn. And in spite of your best efforts, if you do loose the pawn, you don’t give up; you focus on what you have. If the same is applied to our lives, we know that we can’t win everything, some we win, and some we lose. We need to think on what we have and move ahead.

2.    Focus is the key

Mind games like Chess, teaches you to be focused; though you have it all planned, and think you can relax, an unexpected move from your opponent may throw you off track. Being focused in life and in your decisions will keep you ahead of the game. An expected event may hit the balance, but once you have your priorities right, there is no stopping.  

3.    Strategy and planning

What is a game of chess or life without strategy and planning? A well planned strategic game has a higher chance at winning and so is life. A well planned life is stress free and joyful.

4.    Patience and practice

Like in a game of chess; we all know that we do need plenty of patience in life, whether it’s to deal with a saturated career or as most agree, marriage, patience is the one thing which keeps us going and is worth the wait. Practice - you might be thinking, what do I need practice for in life? Yes, every day is a practice, a practice to plan ahead, a practice to focus more, a practice to eat, live healthy, and a practice to smile.

5.    Thinking above and beyond

Mind games – especially chess, teaches you to think out of the box. If in life, if you feel stuck at a point, think out of the box, there are always options and choices, move beyond the comfort zone, and explore the other hidden treasures that you have. A pawn hiding somewhere might be your biggest strength.

6.    Trust your instincts

Your mind has the ability to sense risk. Make use of it. If the mind tells you that something is wrong, then definitely it is. Survival of the fittest works on how strong the instincts of a person are.

Mind Mentroz is passionate about Chess and teaching all of the skills that a game of chess bring to the game of life. A child is taught, through the game of chess, adaptability, strategy, focus, patience, practice etc. Their young absorbent mind is sure to get the vibe of the game and its numerous uses in the life.