A Pawn Morphing Into a Queen Is How We Must Excel In Life


It is a competitive world, yes, and though many may disagree, it is a fact and extremely necessary to keep yourself ahead of the competitors. Though it is definitely hard work which takes someone to their desired goal, a thought ought to be given to the young budding ones in our home and what the future holds for them, what issues would they face? Will the problems be the same as what we are dealing with or will it be different. Nevertheless, there can be no harm in preparing them for whatever comes.

Is life like a game of chess?

Many comparisons have been made between life and the game of chess. If you look at the game of chess, the pawn, though small and with restricted moves, if planned carefully and strategically, and the tiny pawn reaches the other end, is the most powerful pawn as it can turn into anything you want – the queen or the rook or the knight or the bishop. This is quiet an interesting aspect of chess and when you compare it to life, it teaches you to plan, operate and execute in such a way that when you reach the top, there is absolutely no stopping.

What happens when young minds are coached about this at an early age?

When a parent gives emphasis on Chess Coaching at an early age for a child, the child gets habitually tuned to strategizing, thinking outside the box, problem solving skills which in turn increases the confidence in dealing with the ups and downs of life. When a child can plan to strategically get the little pawn safely to the other side, imagine what this child can do out there in the world, there is absolutely no doubt about him or her excelling in their education, career and more importantly, LIFE.

It is unquestionably not an easy task to morph a pawn to a queen, it takes planning, patience and perseverance to achieve this mega event in Chess. The very 3 Ps which is essential in reaching the desired goal in life. Give your children the unique gift of professional chess coaching and the children are sure to benefit from the numerous skills that it offers.

Mind Mentorz is one such Chess Coaching class in Bangalore, which provides the foundation for a child to love the game of chess, learn and apply its innumerable learnings in various aspects of life. It is never too late for anyone to start learning the king of games – Chess.

The sweet experience when you see your children win the game by pawn morph is a triumph in itself.

With professional and skilled coaches who are dedicated in imparting knowledge on this ancient game of the monarchs, it is worth every penny of investment as there can be no price tag on success.