The 2nd Youngest Grandmaster of India - Gukesh


You find twelve year old kids, beaming with energy, always on a go, dreaming to be their favourite idol. They build their own world around themselves, filled with imagination and aspirations. This is the age when they are about to reach their teenage, there is always an adrenaline rush that stimulates all their senses.  

While every student was busy building their own world, D Gukesh, a twelve year old kid based in Chennai built his name as the World’s 2nd youngest Grandmaster. He achieved his final GM norm while he was participating in the 17th Delhi International Chess Grandmaster open against IM Dinesh K Sharma. He achieved such great heights in chess at the age of Twelve years, seven months and seventeen days. Though he missed the World Record of Sergey Karjakin, a Russian chess player by a whisker of just 17 days, he still aims high and continues to be focused on other tournaments and championships.

In an interview, Gukesh told a leading newspaper that "I was disappointed when I failed to become the youngest ever GM because I had come quite close to getting there. However, I chose not to sulk over it for long. It was important for me to keep playing well as the results will eventually come.”

He will next be competing at the Gibraltar Masters that will be held from January 21st to 31st. Gukesh started playing chess since he was 7 and his regular practice of chess as an extra-curricular activity became his passion. As a child, he always looked up to late Bobby Fischer and V. Anand. He says that his goal for 2019 would be to increase his current ranking of 2,510 to 2,650.

Apart from chess, our little grandmaster also loves playing badminton with his mother and watch movies of his favourite actor Vijay Sethupathi. According to his parents, Gukesh always had an interest in chess and gives the credits for his success to his school, Velammal Vidyalaya for supporting his interest and passion for chess. Right from childhood he has been watching his city mates, Nihal Sarin and Praggnandhaa, excel in the game and later become grandmasters. This inspired him to work hard to attain the place he is standing on.

Velavan, the chess manager of the school observed him play from the very beginning and stated that the boy was exceptionally talented and knew how to take up challenges. He also said that Gukesh never underestimated his opponents and he keenly observes his opponents playing their game and then set up strategies.

Gukesh is surely an inspiration for every child and with strong determination and focus that he possesses, it won’t be long for him to secure a name and fame that he deserves. He is naturally talented and wishes to be one of the top ranked players in the world. Surely the boy has a bright future ahead and according to him, he is looking forward to it. As one of the best coaching institutes in Bangalore, we at Mind Mentorz bestow our heartiest congratulations to Gukesh