The Dark Knight vs The Real Knight


We won’t enter the much debatable topic about who's the best, DC or Marvel? Even though your favourite is either one of them, there are certain characters that speaks for themselves . It might be a superhero, villain or even a sidekick. Their character stands out and appeals to the audience. One such character could be our Batman. You might be a Marvel fan, but there must be a point of time when you just associated yourself with our very dear superhero.

Until you realise, the dark knight is a chess player. Ben Affleck loves playing chess in his free-time, ya I mean when he is not zooming around in his posh batmobile and saving people. However, if we give it a thought, Batman has always been a chess player. The character’s life is so similar to a game of chess. The character goes through conflicted thoughts that build strategies, aggressive actions leading to fatal consequences and learning from one's own mistakes. It’s like the hero is always fighting two battles simultaneously. One against the anti-hero and the other within himself. “Me verses me has been my Biggest Fight” - Joker

Why is it similar to any other chess player as in, every individual is fighting the same battle but from different angles. The chess board is a battleground and you don’t want to lose your patience and make a wrong move. It’s a naive conflict, not like the white vs the black or right against wrong. There is always a pressure to pick a side. But, why?   Sometimes, you can’t just pick a side. It is the situations and circumstances that makes you act accordingly. That’s what chess is about, you look around, think about your position and act. Call him Bruce or Batman, his actions were directed by the situation.

Do you realise you are responsible for your own actions? Learn it from Batman or Ben Affleck when he sits across a chess board. You can’t just make things right after it’s done. So, all you can do is take the responsibility for what you did in the past and learn a lesson from it. “Why do we fall? So that we learn to pick ourselves back up.”- Batman. If you do not learn from the mistakes even while playing chess, you will end up losing your throne to a better player.

Be it Batman or joker, they played their own part well, and with utmost sincerity. So, play fair, in life or in chess. No, I am not justifying anyone. But maybe, the Joker is known as the most loved villain till date, because he played a fair game. Even though he was a villain and lost the combat against the superhero, he is considered a martyr, unlike any other supervillain. He left the battlefield with pride in what he believed. So, in chess, you just don’t get disheartened after you lose a match. You hold on to your sportsman spirit and take pride in your work.

You be a batman or just be you, be a Hero of your own Battle.