Rejuvenating the Zest of life with a slight Sprinkle of Water


Water is known as the essence of life. What’s surprising is, a substance that is colourless, odourless and tasteless could actually be the poet of the never-ending narrative called life. As a wise old man, water has always been the saviour for plants, animals, human life, and the initiation of entire civilizations. Maybe that’s why the sight of a looming dark cloud over a drought prone area, brings relief not just to the earthly beings but also the parched, scorching face of the earth.

If we consider photosynthesis, water plays a crucial part in photosynthesis. Without water, the plant can’t absorb Carbon Dioxide from the environment.

Parents the mirror image of Water

Water is calm, serene and a life-giver. Parents are like water. They are the source of life, a saviour and shield for their children. A desiccated plant is restored back to life after a fresh shower of rain. Similarly, a child enjoys its true expression of freedom under the vigilant shelter of parents. A parent grooms their children into believing what they want to believe and thus growing into a sensible, insightful person. They can be the guiding spirit, but the path should or must be chosen by the children. Just like a brook babbles through a channel and it gives life to all plants and saplings in and around the stream. Parents are the same, they nurture children and help them grow.

“It is life, I think, to watch the water. A man can learn so many things”- The Notebook

Literature has always associated romanticism with nature - be it plants, birds or the breeze. In his novel ‘ The Notebook’, Nicholas Sparks has made a statement saying a man can learn so many things from water. Here, we want to denote the comparison by saying that, just as water is like parents, man can learn things from their parents (water). Parents share their culture, ideas, principles and morals with their children. They want them to grow up to be knowledgable individuals, imbibing such values at a tender age will only help them be a better person, later in life.

A plant cannot grow without water, it will struggle and eventually die. Just like water is essential for plants, parents are the first teachers who help you find the other important things in your life. Goals, infrastructure, mentors all would fall into place if you are in the right direction to success. Parents make sure you find your direction.

Mind Mentorz the second home    

A sapling needs soil, sunlight and water to grow and become a sturdy plant. We at Mind Mentorz endeavour to become every saplings’ (Childs’) second home by providing mentoring and infrastructure. While your first teachers (parents) are just like water who provide you with love, care and affection. We hope every sapling (child) mushrooms into a healthy tree (adult) with proper means and amenities that are provided by their parents.