The beaming sunlight beckons the plant to sprout

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Since the ‘Big Bang’, sunlight has been known as the optimal source of energy, light and positivity. Every morning the innocent game of hide-and-seek ends with first streaks of light breaking through dawn, ending the darkness prevailing all over the earth. Sunrise is really a beautiful sight for the beholder, and it wakes the entire planet up from its long deep sleep. It does the same to a plant.

The rays of the morning sun shakes a plant up from its night cradle, energises it and reminds it to do its daily ritual. Day by day, It grows under the shelter of its mentor, the sun. What was a feeble sapling once, grows out to be a big strong tree. The sun nurtures a sapling, helps in photosynthesis and helps in growth.

“To Mentor is to touch a life forever”

True to its saying, a mentor plays a vital role in the growth of a child. Their guidance and enlightenment is what makes a person learn and strengthen its values, morals and principles. A mentor is just like the sun and it tries to help the small sapling (child) to grow in life. A child is as innocent as a sapling and needs a mentor to provide direction in life.

Every sapling has its own capability to grow and become a strong, lively tree. It is evident that saplings has the potential to sustain itself and foster the future of the population. Every initiative taken up by a mentor is to nourish and strengthen their students’ roots. The ideology behind is simple yet powerful. No rain, hail or storm can uproot even the strongest of trees which has sturdy, solid roots. A tree (individual) can sustain any bad weather (circumstance) if the roots (foundation) are strong.

Mind Mentorz as the Sun for Students

The Mind Mentorz is that sun, for the tiny toddlers who have extreme potential to be the next geniuses. We are willing to stand by and bolster all of our students and help them flourish in their lives. It may be a long, difficult road but we are ready to walk the road with our students. The sun is the one that helps saplings become a fruit-bearing tree. So, the constant efforts of Mind Mentoz is to yield fruitful results for our children.   

It is said that the key to be ‘a perfect mentor is to help people become more of who they already are’. While everyone takes a bow to such mentors who keep their students before them and sacrifice their happiness for their pupil, it’s equally important to salute such student who never forget their mentors, their gurus and their SUN. Every mentor knows the true potential of their student and know how to just polish them  (blossom) into a brilliant individual.