This summer, let your kids explore


The society or community we live in, the people we interact with and the behaviour we imbibe from them are all inter-linked. They create a long-lasting impression on the nature of kids. Their convictions are all based on the apprehensions that they make early in their life and later abide by these inculcated ideas.

These days, parenting can be both difficult and tiring. You as a parent need to be equally cautious and patient. You need to be aware of the facts, situations and surroundings relating to your kid, at the same time be all understanding and composed to the issues that are evident. Your child can be an enigma to you, but you as a parent need to figure out what’s best for your child.

Avoid being presumptuous

If you are thinking about diverting your child’s attention away from television and gaming consoles, choosing an extra-curricular activity like chess for them, is the finest you can opt for. We agree, playing chess has its own substantial benefits, it would make your child master all, like better brain functioning, to boost memory and strengthen cognitive abilities, improve strategic thinking and attention.

However, your child should also be able to take up his/her decisions based on the hobbies that they like from an early stage of life. Their interest may or may not be limited to chess. Any sport or extra-curricular activity might not just be educational, it should be directly proportional to the happiness of your little one. Their nonscholastic activities is what they will develop as their escape. They should enjoy learning about it, have a keen interest in it and love what they are doing. If you push your kids into learning something that they have no or little interest in, it won’t be fruitful for them. Children are free-spirited like a bird, they will stay chirpy only if they are accepting something voluntarily.

Summer Camp as a trial

If you still think your child has the potential to gain something or is interested to learn chess, enroll them into a chess summer camp. This will not just give them an introductory idea about chess, but also help them know if they are really curious about chess or they need to continue exploring their other areas of interest. A chess summer camp is the best way to figure out what’s needed for your kid. The best part of a summer camp is, it keeps your child engaged and also educates them.

Mind Mentorz is having a summer camp starting from 1st April. Enrolling your kids into the camp, is the best way for them to try something new. What’s more, we even have flexible timings, so your child won't even miss their summer vacation while gaining something productive during the day. Let your kids choose the colour of their passion. Be their guiding light and help them discover new things. Let them be the best versions of themselves.