Let's change the definition of ‘cool’- this summer, learn to code your robot!


Designing a fully functioning robot may look challenging for a kid, however, under our guidance it can be both, educational and fun. Kids of this generation are smart, they are much more aware of the local and global scenes. They are privileged to have access to information that is available on their fingertips. Having said that, they have a diverse field of options to choose their passion.

We are way past the time when ‘cool’ was restricted to just being popular amongst batch mates or part of a happening club in school. An inventive and smart child, who knows a new thing or two about building creative objects is cool. Spreading awareness about climate change, mental health awareness and even fighting against bullying is super cool. All these are real life initiatives which prove - kids can make a difference too.

Can coding and robotics be the ‘NEW COOL’?

Of course, coding and robotics can look complicated but if your kid is passionate towards it, he/she can learn from scratch and make it their hobby or even a passion. Also, it enhances a child’s motor and mental skills as it triggers a child’s imagination, designing skills and also problem solving skills.

Coding and robotics are no longer restricted to boys, it can be taken up by girls as well. A well-known example is Karlie Kloss, an American model and entrepreneur. Talking to a popular magazine for an interview she said, “Every day, I see technology become more important to both the business and creativity of fashion. I am fascinated by how code has transformed entire industries and powers so much of the technology that we rely on everyday. I wanted to understand more about how tools and apps were developed.”

Summer camps to the rescue

The best way to learn coding and robotics is to take it up when your child is not pre-occupied with homework, and tuitions. Summer vacation is the best time when he/she can join summer camps that let them explore such programmes. You child can indulge in these activities only when their brain is ready to grasp something new and interesting. Young minds can be trained easily when they are keen to learn something.

Some summer camps also give you options to choose programmes that your kid is particularly passionate about. Mind Mentorz is organising a summer camp that gives your children a variety of options to choose from - from Chess to Robotics, Cubing and Coding. This is our second camp and we are ecstatic to take up such an initiative and host a memorable camp for the children, where they can build a strong foundation in a subject of their liking.

We do not believe in simply teaching children, but also emphasise on having fun while learning and building their interest during our two week programme. You can also schedule the timings of the classes as per the convenience of your child. Our summer camp starts this April, so if you want your talented little ones to try something new this summer, click on https://www.mindmentorz.com/summer-camp-for-kids-2019 for further information.

Let's rephrase terms like ‘Nerdy’ or ‘Geeky’, and redefined it as something to be proud of!