What Online chess offers to people?


Does playing chess make people smart or smart people are attracted towards chess? We might never find out the right answer to that. However, we already know that chess is the game of kings and emperors. It helped them strategize and plan their warfare. It helps them defend their throne by scrutinizing attacking possibilities of their opponent.

There is no single way that you can master and become a good chess player. It takes practice, patience and mindful observations. Unlike board chess, online chess has helped in combining distance and availability as per convenience.

Benefits of Online Chess

  • Cultivating Learning Opportunities- Online chess can be your source to grasp knowledge about chess. It’s fun and creates learning opportunities for any one, be it a beginner or a master. Your kids can compare their previous matches with their current ones and be their own judge. So, they can improve their game based on observations of their previous game play.

  • Availability with variety- Your kids are always on the internet, searching, exploring and playing. What would be an added advantage to them is to be able to explore the world of chess. As kids, they are more attracted to components that deliver both audio and visual. Online chess fulfills all these criteria and you can play various types of chess like 2D or even 3D chess.

  • The Chess Community- The chess community is a global community. Online chess is a medium to get this community together. Irrespective of being a beginner or a grandmaster you can play on the online platform. These platforms also provide a chance to socialise with players all across the globe and share, learn tactics and strategies.

  • Experimenting with the game- Every player wants a fair amount of time to learn an action and figure out their best possible plans. In online chess you can sit across your screen and play as many games as you want. Also you can experiment with your opening moves. Find out which of your favourites work well against your opponent. This is what even grandmasters do when they want to strategize their game before a match.

  • Data mining- Every player has their strength and weakness. Each player has to polish their strength and work on their weakness to evolve as a good player. Data mining will help you understand your game by digging into your database. After each game you may go to your game history and analyse your performance for avoiding repeating mistakes.  

  • Accessible through devices- Online chess also has a basic advantage of being accessible through various devices. Laptops, smartphones or tablets. Kids can play a game of chess according to their convenience with their friends or even strangers.

Mind Mentorz as a chess institution promotes online chess. Kids are given access to an online chess platform www.chesskids.com upon enrollment in the academy. We help your kids love chess as a game. They are not entitled to any particular time. They can start learning at their own pace and practise even after the classes and improve their own game. Online chess will develop your kids’ interest.