Online Chess for Kids


Parenting is a tough job. Both emotionally and intellectually, you get to experience new obstacles every day. There is a lot going on every day and it is so obvious to feel exhausted. You try to juggle between your work life and parenting and even try to nurture your kids in the limited time that you spend with them.

While you try to keep them away from unwanted, unpleasant habits and experiences, you also need to give them exposure to learn and choose between right and wrong. Children are quick to pick up behaviours and enact them in-person. These days children are engaged in the internet, playing video games and spending time over social media. There prevails a social media influence over them. Though you are comfortable with children reaching the internet by enabling restricted access, they might get addicted to some violent video games that create a negative impact in their mind.

Chess as an alternative    

Chess is a dynamic game. Not just a leisure activity but it also keeps children engaged in something constructive. Parents can be the medium to introduce their kids to chess and thus build their interest in the game. They can invest their spare time learning something that enhances their perspective towards life. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Life is a kind of chess, with struggle, competition, good and ill events.” A child’s mind can absorb its learning and might be helpful to implement in their life. Hence, chess can help you do some part of the parenting and make your life easy.

Online Chess for kids   

There are platforms that offer online chess for your kids. Online chess makes learning easy and accessible. We believe, a theory can help your kid know certain things, but practical knowledge and experiences make your kid learn. You definitely want your children to be educated, but not at the cost of submerging them with abstract knowledge from books. Online chess is one such privilege accepted in this society that makes your kid think outside the box. Learn the do’s and don’ts of the game, referring to life. In the process, they might realise their interest in the game and indulge in getting to know the game at a deeper level.

Playing the game with your kids may add to their interest and you might even want to be your child’s opponent in online chess. It not just connects them to the game but also becomes an emotional entity or a pleasant childhood memory. Maybe a fun game night that acts as a great way to interact with your kid.

Mind Mentorz offers you an Online Platform is an interactive platform meant to enhance the chess experience for the players. Mind Mentorz is an institution that focuses on making chess fun for kids. The kid can sit in the comfort of their home and still practise the strategies against a robot, a friend or even with their parents. Kids tend to learn or grasp more information when they are not trying hard to learn something. So, while trying to practise a game, they might learn new moves and spend time on sharpening it. Our institution constantly work on ways to make chess fun for kids, and is one such mechanism.