The Queen who Doomed her King

queen doomed king.jpg

We all know the specific roles of each piece in chess. They all have defined movements like the Pawn only moves forward, the knights can jump the board, the rooks can move forward in a continuous line, and the queen is responsible to protect the king. 

The game represents the relationship between the King and the Queen, but it’s the first where a queen’s fault led the king to the path of destruction and banishment. Lady Macbeth was known as the one who brought ill-fate to Macbeth but we know according to her she was just encouraging her husband to have a prosperous future. She is known to be a villain, a witch but nobody doubted her strategic planning to take over the throne. 

The Good, Bad and Ugly

If we take reference from the chess, every game has a winner and a fellow player who played fair and square but couldn’t checkmate his/her opponent. Lady Macbeth was an integral part of the Shakespearean play, Macbeth. But, her role as an important character in the play is gradually degraded. What started out as a desire resulted in the end of a kingdom. Every chess player has a desire to achieve a position in the game where he/she is recognised as a successful chess champion. It’s great till it overpowers being a game, and start affecting your life. The Good is to have a desire to WIN, the Bad is to turn it into Diabolical Intension and the ugly is to nurture Obsession. This is exactly what Lady Macbeth did that must be avoided. 

With Great Power comes Great Responsibility 

The Queen is the most powerful piece in the Chessboard. She has the capability to move in any direction to shield the king. You may call it her responsiblity or duty. However, Lady Macbeth was definitely powerful but she used her power to strategize to take away the throne. What do you learn from Lady Macbeth is, though she strategized well, her intentions were not virtuous. You can enjoy your success or victory only if you play a fair game. Cheating, ill-intensions or obsession over success would never make you feel content. You as a player hold the power to control your actions, but failing gracefully makes you more dignified and kingly than winning through deceiving. You don’t want to fail your king, i.e. your moral conduct and live with it every day. What broke Lady Macbeth every day, is her conscience. 

Chess is a Gentleman’s Game

There is a reason that Chess is known as a Gentleman’s Game. Referring to a Mind Game, chess is known to be played by people who believe to possess all manners and etiquettes that a Gentleman has. Patient, courteous, respectful and diligent. Every true chess player must have such traits to be a successful professional chess player. It is known as Mind Game and though strategizing or planning is one key component that makes you win, you need to have a sportsman spirit to accept the result by fair play. 

Mind Mentorz is an institution that instills your kids’ mind with such refined thoughts and mannerism. There is nothing that is known as losing, we make you believe there is always a second chance that you can still rely on. However, you need to work hard for it and at the end of the day, it’s a game that shouldn’t become an obsession. Your kids need to have a good time playing a game and also learning from the same. We believe Ambition is good but an obsession could never be so.