Magneto the Antihero or the superhero?


The distinction between a Superhero and an Antihero is simple. It’s the principles or vision they embrace. A hero would be portrayed as a person who serves the humankind and a villain is one who wishes to destroy it. But is that simple? There are different kinds of humans in this planet, all having a distinctive personality, a likely or even unlikely perspective towards things. Is protecting their kind from the enemies an evil thing to do? Then what makes Magneto a villain?

The rules of chess applied in the X-Men Universe

Chess is a game of black and white, just the in colour, not in the Good Vs Evil manner. You as a player is responsible to defend your kingdom from the invaders. That is a responsibility or a duty that is bestowed upon you. For Magneto is the same. All he was trying to do was to protect the mutant community from humans, just like a player. On a chess board, you are entitled to kill whoever tries to sabotage your authority, your throne. 

In the comic X-Men, humans tried to kill the entire mutant community with missiles, though they were not causing any harm to mankind and was merely trying to co-exist. Magneto’s fear that humans would hunt down the mutants, aroused a feeling of resentment and revenge. This does not make him any Antihero. We all know about the fight or flight response in psychology. In chess, you may have come across situations that made you take a step back or kill of the pieces of your opponent. It’s natural in all. Chess, Mutants or Humans.

Experience Affects Perception in Expert Decisions

An expert study conducted by De Groot in 1946 on the Study of Chess Players deeply rooted the affirmation that experienced players move forward with the help of a pattern. They identify each pattern with time and use it to play a better game against their opponent. This is known as Pattern Recognition. Magneto was no different and he moved forward as according to his past experience. He has seen terrible times where human kills human, bloodshed, devastation and betrayal. He had a perception that if humans can do such heinous things to their own kind, mutants are definitely not safe on this planet. The fear of life is what made him hide behind the curtains of unjust and foul play. However, he has a deeply passionate character, ruled by his heart. He has been part of the X-Men clan and fought against the omnipotent Alien Beyonder, tried to reach out to his children Scarlet Witch and QuickSilver. It is the passion that drives him, and so it is for the players, sitting across each other on a chess board. It is their passion for chess that makes them achieve greater heights.

A passion that rules all

A sole passion can recreate your existence. We at Mind Mentorz help you find your kids’ passion. These kids are smart, talented and quick learners, they just need some space that provides the opportunity to look beyond the horizon. Magneto changed after he found his true self, he started believing even though he is born a mutant, he is as human as anyone else. Let your children believe what they want to believe. 

“Just because someone stumbles and loses their path, doesn’t mean they can’t be saved”