Why Your Kids Should Start with Artificial Intelligence Early?


There is no denying that kids have grasping skills that cannot be compared to any adult. The sheer focus – regardless of the span – kids have on their task or work lets them quickly comprehend, analyze, interpret and solve concerns appropriate for their age. That is exactly why parents should go an extra mile in helping them inculcate new skills right from an early stage.

Apart from the fact that these memories and learning instances get embedded in their brains for good, exposure to new skills and knowledge immensely influences their lifestyle in terms of thought processes, career choices, perspectives and more. This is one of the primary reasons we are also keen on giving the right exposure to kids on artificial intelligence from a very young age so that the concepts involved in this field of study influences their lives for the better. We have solid reasons to substantiate why your kids should start with artificial intelligence early and each factor carries a significant weightage.


Future-proof Careers

As you can see, everything around is becoming data-centric. If we have to throw in some facts, there will be close to 31 billion connected devices by the end of 2018, generating billions of terabytes of data on a daily basis. From your smartphone usage of apps like maps, food delivery apps, social media profiles, YouTube videos and more to the wearable devices you wear, every machine is connected to the internet and to one another for data generation. This data comes back to you as personalized services.


As we continue to evolve, automation will replace redundant skill sets (it already has) and new and niche job roles will pop out in the next ten years. This new era would be the dawn of artificial intelligence, where devices and machines will be autonomous. In the near future, industries and companies will require experts who can take care of designing, building, managing, and mentoring complex neural networks, language processing programs and more for machines. It is when your kid, who is learning the basics of artificial intelligence, will come into picture tomorrow.



If the idea of a future-proof career seems far-fetched, let us share the fact that artificial intelligence lays the foundation for aggravating curiosity in kids. When you show then sci-fi movies or make them read books, tell them that the futuristic machines are based on artificial intelligence. This will let them explore the ‘what’ of artificial intelligence followed by why and how of it. When you introduce substantial concepts through robotics programs then, it would change the way they think and explore forever. This is invariably connected with their imagination and creativity, where some of their most childish dreams could change the world or bring an impact in our everyday lives.


Problem Solving Skills

Artificial intelligence can be further refined into concepts like machine learning, data science and deep learning. Every concept breaks down complex concepts and concerns into fragments. This allows experts to deal with one concern at a time and fix it. For a simple program to detect an apple, it has to learn what is an apple and most importantly, which fruits are not. This approach – at fundamental levels to kids – will let them dissect their problems and come up with more effective solutions. This influences their academics, life choices and any everyday decision.

Artificial intelligence is complex for adults and for kids, it is an exciting program. When you see them working on this, you can actually see a transformation in their perspectives and approach to things. That is why we recommend you to enroll them to a robotics program as soon as possible.