Reasons Afterschool Programs Are Beyond Just Leisure Activities and Engagement


With the world becoming more competitive every passing day, school education alone is not enough to prepare the children for tomorrow. Schools do impart knowledge, but they don’t run programs to take care of students who face learning and focus issues. Moreover, school programs are not designed to enhance the children’s soft skills and development of survival skills. The need to thoroughly prepare children for the life’s survival race has given rise to many afterschool programs. Though a lot of parents enroll their kids in multiple afterschool programs to restrict them from wasting their after-school time in unproductive activities, they are not aware of the many benefits that an afterschool program delivers.

Nowadays the afterschool programs are not just for leisure and engagement; instead, they have become essential for a child’s proper development. Here are some reasons that will validate the above-stated sentence.


Nurturing Essential Life Skills

When children engage with new people outside their school, they learn to develop better communication skills. Apart from this essential skill, an afterschool program can also teach your kid the art of improvisation, sharing ideas, generate leadership qualities, and much more. Say, for example, if you enroll your child in the chess coaching classes in Bangalore then it will not only help to develop the required social and life skills, but it will enhance the child’s cognitive thinking ability. All these skills are going to help the children in the near future.


Promoting Healthy Hobbies

Don’t you think being active and practicing skills are way better than sitting on a sofa and spending hours on a smartphone playing games? This is exactly what the afterschool programs promote. Healthy hobbies make the children more productive and keep them away from the irrelevant attractions. According to a research conducted by the Afterschool Alliance, it was found that healthy hobbies were greatly responsible for promoting a healthy lifestyle. Some more benefits of the healthy hobbies developed through the afterschool programs include less obesity levels in kids, increased productivity, enhanced communication skills, ability to think independently and many more.


Shaping a Bright Future

All the skills that are developed in an afterschool program are going to help the children significantly when they enter into adulthood. Development of healthy hobbies, better time management skills, acting as a critical thinker, nurturing the leadership qualities, improved academic performance, and impeccable communication skills are some of the takeaways that are going to help the kid in shaping a bright future.

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