Brain Areas That Chess And Other Mind Games Activate

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Just like our body muscles require a physical workout to stay healthy, even our brain needs some mental exercise to work properly and stay healthy. Some people have a misconception that the learning techniques deployed by the schools are enough and it helps the kid’s brain stay active. But in reality, most of the schools are teaching the children to mug up information instead of understanding the basics of each topic. So can a brain develop by just memorizing things? Definitely not!

To overcome this problem, a lot of afterschool programs have been launched. Mind Mentorz is one of the popular chess coaching classes in Bangalore that aims to train and nurture the kids’ brain through various mind game activities. If, as a parent, you are concerned how these activities can improve the kid’s brain then read ahead.


Both the sides of the brain can start to function simultaneously

Mind activities like chess; for example, is known to improve the cognitive skills of an individual greatly. Chess is a game that comprises of multiple possibilities and outcomes. While playing chess, the person has to stay alert, not once but throughout the game. Visualizing patterns with each move and then deciding the next step using both the logical and analytics skill is what makes this game exciting and worth playing. Once a child starts playing chess, he learns to develop strategies and over time both the sides of the brain begin to function simultaneously. One side helps in visualizing the patterns while the other assists in taking logical steps.


Memory power is greatly increased

If your child has a weak memory, then it will not only affect his academics but will cause problems in his real life. Mind activities are designed in a way to promote strong focusing and memorizing power. Apart from improving memory, the mind activities also help the children to become good problem solvers, help them perform well in their academics too, and also helps them in developing some life skills.


Improved visualization

When engaged in mind activities, the power of visualization goes to the next level. It happens because, both concentration and foresight work together in this case. If someone plays mind games continually, then he is sure to develop an eye for detail. The psychologists who treat the children having a less attentive power also believe that mind activities like chess can significantly improve the concentration power alongside enhancing the visualizations and anticipating the probable results of a particular situation.

If you are looking for a chess coaching in Bangalore to improve the problem solving, concentration, analyzing, visualizing, and critical thinking skills of your children’s then reach out to us today. The mind games are more than just exciting and fun-filled activities and can also nurture your child’s brain by unimaginable benefits. You can contact us to know more about the mind developing programs.