How photosynthesis is not just essential for plants, but also for kids.


Turn the pages of your 3rd Grade Environmental Science textbook and you would realise how early in your academics, you were introduced to the lessons of life. Though the origin of plants on earth, was traced back to around 3.5 billion years ago, they are still the reason for human life on earth. If we refer to our textbooks then, photosynthesis is a process through which plants take in Sunlight, Carbon Dioxide and Water and convert it into Oxygen. The growth of the plant depends on the intake of these three basic needs.

Its all about sowing the seed right

A sapling is just like a child. It needs to be nourished and nurtured, so it grows to be a healthy plant. After a child is born, he/she is believed to inspire the future. To be self- sustainable, clear minded formulates innovative, progressive thoughts, ideas, humane and determined. But how does a child live up to so many expectations? They are expected to achieve a lot and it’s not easy. But, if we perceive them as a sapling, we would get the answer to our question.

Just like a sapling needs help from nature to make its food and grow, similarly, a child needs help to be able to achieve all those, that is expected from him/her. A plant needs, soil to hold on to, Sunlight to grow and water as the basic element of life. Visualize, Soil as the correct infrastructure and surroundings for a child, Sunlight as mentors in his/her life who would help the little bud to grow and water as guardians. All this would let a child unfold its wings and fly high.

The norm for maturing

A sapling absorbs nutrients and Carbon Dioxide for in and around. The base of developing and maturing is not just based on demeanour and conduct but generosity and civility. The only difference between these is that everyone can be polite from outside but it takes ages of intricate observance to acquire a good nature from within. Just like nutrients, a child needs to inculcate good behaviour and manners from its environment. For completing the process of photosynthesis, Carbon Dioxide is essential for plants, as for children, the love and support of his/her family, mentor and acquaintance is carbon dioxide.

As science has proven, that plants take in Carbon Dioxide and gives out Oxygen. Only with love, care and support of people, a child can produce the desired results that is expected of him/her. A lot of time and effort is needed to grow a plant into a tree. A child is just a plant. Its survival depends on a lot of essential factors. Without any of these, it starts drying up and eventually dies. Both are great responsibilities and the greatest creation on earth. They are beautiful, fragile initially and strong and giving later. Plants and humans, both co-exist with each other on this planet. So similar, So divine. The entire process of growing up depends on photosynthesis for both man and plants.

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