A strong and sturdy plant speaks of the soil beneath


A strong and sturdy plant speaks of the soil beneath; A soil that is well-ploughed, and watered; which breathes, replenishes and lets grow. The right soil does not merely give birth. It nourishes and sustains. Children are those saplings we plant with much hope and dreams. For them to nourish and grow into healthy minds, there needs to be a lot of digging around; a whole lot of watering and manuring, with patience and diligence.

An ace gardener knows his plants and his soil. He knows every seed and prepares the soil beneath. He tests the pH balance, adds good compost, ensures moisture and keeps the weeds away. A healthy soil that is well-cared for and well-balanced, does not require pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Our children live today in a cluttered world, crammed by technology, trapped by social media and lost in a precarious web of information. It is necessary that we plough the land around them with care; streaming their thought process into healthy aspects of life and learning, channelizing their time and energies towards contributing and positive factors that build them up and not crush them down.

The mite that matters!

The perfect soil for cultivation isn’t the one that is devoid of dirt. But it takes all the dirt, all that has decayed, and turns it into new, life-giving matter. Intelligence or performance needn’t be the quotient to measure up a child’s abilities. It is how much each child understands, imbibes and applies that drive her/him forth. We could take all those flaws, all the weaknesses and turn them into their strengths. Every little earth worm, every single mite amazingly adds to the richness and texture of the soil. And so do every tiny, seemingly insignificant aspect of a child contributes to her/his mental and emotional growth. Pluck the weeds off and keep the earthworms! The seedlings will nourish, sprout and thrive.

Like plants, kids too come in all forms and manners. Each one unique in her/his own way. The loose sandy soil may nourish certain seeds which the sticky silt cannot and the harsh clay would retain moisture that the fluffy sand fails to. Every child has an area of expertise, that hidden potential which needs to be tapped and brought forth. A combination of intelligent games that tune up the various quotients of the young minds provides a holistic mental growth and sharpens their thought systems.

The pH factor - Balancing it right

At Mind Mentorz, we believe in training the kids right, not merely engaging them in meaningless leisure activities. We dig the soil, add the compost, check the pH balance and ensure a well-moist soil for the seedlings to thrive! We encourage our students to explore their own innate reservoirs of talent, intelligence and curiosity through our well-developed curriculum of mind games. The children learn to question, to confront and tackle the obstacles before and within them.

Great learning is like a well-textured soil that is loose and airy, ensuring sufficient drainage and permitting the roots to go deep. Children at Mind Mentorz learn the tough concepts of fighting through life in the most fun-filled and entertaining way. We emphasise a step-by-step process of learning and mastering the games that guarantees a deep knowledge and application skills that they could take away into their practical life scenarios.